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Employer Tools

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Full Featured Job Board

Account Home

Employers logging in to their account start with an easy-to-read menu of the available services. In case of commercial services, all pricing information is displayed along with a list of membership plans to sign-up for (membership must be enabled by the administrator). When Jobbex is offered as a FREE service, no pricing information or membership plans are displayed. Employers will have access to fully functional accounts.
Job Site Design

Job Manager

Employers can easily manage their job postings from the Job Manager screen. They can add/edit/delete jobs within seconds. It is also possible to see how many times a specific job has been viewed by job seekers. Employers are alerted via email upon job expiration for the opportunity to renew their job postings.
Resume Agents

Resume Agents

Employers can set up multiple different resume agents to automatically receive matching resumes by email everyday. Employers can select from several criteria to screen the candidates.
Recruiting Software

Built-in Applicant Tracking

Resumes sent to employers from candidates are automatically archived in the employer's resume inbox for later viewing and screening.
Resume Search

Resume Search

Employers can search resumes by multiple categories, keywords, locations, work types and date range. Employers can also screen job seekers based on their physical location to filter local candidates only. Employers searching resumes by keywords will automatically have matching text found in resume content highlighted, for easy reference to keywords within a resume.