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e-Commerce Services

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Job Board Software

Payment Gateway

Jobbex by default is compatible with of real-time online payment processing (additional payment gateways available). Enter your username and password, and immediately start processing credit cards through your job site for services.
Custom Job Board

Membership Setup

Job site owners can setup unlimited membership plans with different access levels and time periods for employers. Employers can self-serve by selecting their membership plan online and pay for service. Administrator can also setup multiple job packages and set prices for job posting and resume access.
Service Management

Service Management

Administrator has full flexibility to switch between enabling or disabling different service types at anytime and to make it a free job site or charge for specific services. Administrator also has the option of allowing employers to pay by credit card, invoice or both.
Billing History

Billing History

All payments made by the employer are logged in the employer's billing history for easy review by the employer. Employers can quickly view the transaction details and check all paid and unpaid invoices

Advanced Job Board Design

Sample Invoicing

Employers invoiced for services will view their invoice details in a professional, easy-to-read invoice with the option of printing in a printer-friendly format. Open invoices are automatically logged in the administrator for easy retrievals and management.
Payment Screen

Payment Screens

Once an employer selects a service from your job site such as a membership plan or a job posting, they will be redirected to an online payment screen where they can review their order and enter their credit card information to be processed in real-time and get instant activation of services all without any intervention from the administrator.